The research I do has significant implications for how people understand and respond to the threats posed by supremacist movements. I, therefore, work to make my research accessible to the broader public by writing shorter, more digestible pieces for a popular audience and speaking with the media. For example, in April 2022, I published an article on “The Roots of American Political Rage” in The Presbyterian Outlook. In May, I was featured, along with one of my co-editors, in an interview with Salon about our edited volume on male supremacism. And most recently, in July 2022, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the enduring influence of Paul Weyrich and the New Right on shaping abortion politics

You can also listen to me discuss the relationship between supremacist politics and abortion on the following podcasts:

“Male Supremacy: Common Ground for the Fascists,” Refuse Fascism podcast, ep. 90, (Dec. 19th, 2021).

“The Road from Roe,” Darts and Letters podcast, ep. 42, (Dec. 3rd, 2021).