My research is driven by a deep-seated commitment to challenging systems of oppression and resisting the subjugation of historically underrepresented groups. For this reason, my research agenda focuses on understanding the development of supremacist ideologies and exploring how supremacist movements advance their aims through American political institutions, with a particular emphasis on the legal system and the judiciary.

Broadly situated within the American Political Development (APD) field and informed by the analytical frameworks of historical and discursive institutionalism, my research interrogates the influence of the Right on American politics over time, explicates the strategies and aims of Right-wing movements, and examines the potential threats the Right poses to historically underrepresented and marginalized groups. While I began my academic career looking at the historical development of the Christian Right, and the movement’s corresponding ideology of Christian supremacism, my focus has broadened to include the interrogation of male and white supremacism as these three logics overlap and are co-constitutive. As my research agenda continues to grow, my focus has begun to shift from an examination of how right-wing movements were built in the past to a consideration of the threats contemporary and future iterations of the right pose to the rights of historically underrepresented groups.