About me

I am an Assistant Professor at Centre College, in Danville, Kentucky, where I teach courses in public law and political theory, and a co-founder of the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism. I am also a participant in the 2021 American Examples cohort.

My research is broadly situated within the field of American Political Development and focuses on Right-wing coalition-building and institutional development. For my dissertation, I examined how conservative Catholics and Protestants formed an enduring coalition and mobilized throughout the latter half of the twenty-first century. I am working now to expand this work to incorporate a fuller analysis of how race and gender played into the construction of a conservative Christian identity that was premised on victimhood and to look more closely at how the Religious Right utilized prefigurative politics. My monograph, which is based on this work and is under contract with the University Press of Kansas, is tentatively titled Prefiguring the Past: Conservative Catholic and Protestant Coalition Building on the Right (1965-1985).

Most recently, I published a commentary on future directions for research on male supremacism and anti-statist right-wing movements in the open-access journal Laws. You can read “Threats to Women/Women as Threats: Male Supremacy and the Anti-Statist Right” by clicking here. Other recent publications include “The Great American Rights Bake Off: Freedom of Religion v. Freedom from Discrimination,” co-authored with J. Ricky Price and “Paul Weyrich: 1968 and the Roots of a (Catholic) Radical.”

I received my PhD in Politics from the New School for Social Research in New York City in 2018. 

Please feel free to contact me for more information at: chelsea.ebin [at] centre [dot] edu